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What We Do...

We answer the question: "What will happen to your guns if something happens to you?"

By providing: A unique service caring for firearms after the incapacitation or death of the licence holder

Why do I need this?

You don't, the people you leave behind do, all you are doing is taking further heartache from your loved ones, it's easy to say, 'when I feel a twinge I'll get rid of my firearms' but honestly, we all want to go on for as long as we can




Our objective is to aid firearms owners to plan for the future and ensure that their loved ones are not left in a difficult situation


Our services are separated into Packs, two different estate planning Packs are offered, Key Pack and Wishes Pack...

What will happen to your guns if something happens to you - ‘If something happens to me the police will deal with everything’

 * Do you believe the police have the time and resources to look after your guns as you would like


 - ‘I have a friend that will take care of all my guns’

 * If you have such a friend that will always be there, who has all the licences, contacts and knowledge to help you

 - You don't need our services


N.B. However, you should, as a responsible certificate holder, allow for this by giving your appointed executor or administrator a letter containing information about guns you possess and hold in your locked cabinet

The envelope should be clearly marked ‘Not to be opened until after I die or become incapacitated’

A temporary permit may be granted to your executor or administrator or to one of your relatives by the Chief Constable (acting as the chief firearms licensing officer), which would enable the permit holder to dispose of your firearms

 * How do they open your cabinet?



Everything it would appear... we are Artisan Rifles Limited. We kept being asked if we could look after other types of Guns and Sporting Equipment, which we do and have always done, we just confused you by using the word 'Rifles' as we are two riflemen so we just say ARE now (as in we ARE here to help)



Artisan Rifles offer many services such as - gun storage, transport within the UK and have drivers who will take guns out to shoots. This can be a good option for people who shoot infrequently and either have nowhere to store their gun or don’t like having firearms in their house


Our services for gun transport and storage can be discussed...






For 10 years or more my boys never spoke to my husband and never contacted me until his death, within hours they entered our house and demanded the keys to remove the contents of the gun cabinet, luckily I had no idea of the whereabouts of the keys so they left - I contacted ARE and they came within 2 hours with their skilled locksmith who promptly opened the cabinet and removed the guns to their Armoury, I also think I was lucky as the cabinet contained valuables, my husbands will and documentation to our estate


The Police contacted me regards my late husbands collection of guns saying that I needed to get them secured and if not they would be around to collect them, I had no idea what to do - ARE calmed me down, listened and although over 130 miles from me they came the following morning to assist me (they even came back when I found another gun in the wardrobe)



Neighbour Problems, Personal Disputes, Disagreements, Dr Reports (are you on medication that has triggered your marker)? Have the Police advised you that under your current situation you should secure your guns?

What happened - my neighbour got planning (not a problem, I welcomed the modernisation) however their builder suggested an alteration to the plans to incorporate an attachment to my wall, I said NO but they carried on, I wasn't happy, they then called the Police and said I had threatened them, the Police said to me 'secure your guns'! - DISPUTE PACK 75p per/mile + £45 + 30p a gun/day



I was contacted by ARE to say that I was the benefactor of an item. It turned out that I had been left an over and under shotgun by a distant relative who knew I was interested in clay shooting (to be truthful I was but couldn't justify the money to enter into the sport) With the guidance of ARE they stored the item, advised on how to obtain it, assisted with licensing and even got me going shooting at a club, I simply love it 





What happens if you misplace your keys?

The Key Pack is simple and involves Artisan Rifles holding a second set of keys or a combination code for the licence holder’s cabinet. We will keep a list of people authorised to speak on behalf of the licence holder and in an emergency, we will facilitate access to secure the firearms


The Wishes Pack includes the Key Pack, plus another option of a personal safe should you not want us to keep your keys. It also involves holding detailed instructions upon which we act when the licence holder dies. Our team will travel to the address provided and remove the guns, putting them in safe storage before acting out the deceased’s wishes - selling, putting out to auction, transferring to another certificate, or keeping them safe until a beneficiary comes of age. This package is bespoke according to the number of guns owned and the specific wishes of the client. Should the services cease to be required (e.g. the guns are sold) then part of the fee will be refunded - £200 + Gun Calculation


Are you in the position where your Police force has a delay in processing your licence? Are you simply moving home and require your guns to be secure? - SHORT TERM PACK £45 + 60p a gun/day

Have you a contract to work overseas or for some reason don't want your guns held at home? - LONG TERM PACK £45 + 30p a gun/day. We hold Section 1, 2 and 5 as an RFD and four armouries

RFD only handling and disposal. Ownership tracking using our Forensic Genealogist - No collection or Storage charge

£300 if beneficiary located, no fee if unsuccessful

Sales,10% on a gun under £600 and 15% on a gun over £600

Disposal £12 per/item

Our HELP Service for when the keys have been misplaced and entry to a safe or cabinet is required, our lock smith will attend to your dilemma 

The old gun you require disposing of taken care of - DISPOSAL PACK £25 per/item

Our HELP Service for when someone has been left with guns in a cabinet and needs some independent advice on how to handle this potential problem. 









A two page article in PULL magazine, JAN/FEB 2020 pg32-33 was written by a Honorary Solicitor and Shotgun Licensing Advisor identifying the need to have plans in an after death policy, this mentioned Artisan Rifles as a specialist company who provides a bespoke firearms service


At last someone has got to grips with this much needed service as we in the trade often haven't got the time, resources or passion that this often requires, not forgetting that there are unfortunately some unscrupulous individuals in the trade...

We are BASC trade members and hope to assist more in the future with this body as intimated by them...


Difficult to win these individual forces over, however, once we present to them it has been said that this is a much needed service. A very prominent Police Officer ended our presentation at the Northern Shooting Show with the words 'When can we start using your services'...with that said and us emailing and presenting at every opportunity to the 43 territorial police forces in England and Wales, the national police force in both Scotland and Northern Ireland, we remain unknown to many forces