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"What will happen to your guns if something happens to you?"

We provide...

A unique service caring for firearms after the incapacitation or death of the licence holder.

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Our objective is to aid firearms owners to plan for the future and ensure that their loved ones are not left in a difficult situation.


Our services are separated into Packs, two different estate planning Packs are offered...

The Key Pack is the simplest and involves Artisan Rifles holding a second set of keys or a combination code for the licence holder’s cabinet. We will keep a list of people authorised to speak on behalf of the licence holder and in an emergency, we will facilitate access to secure the firearms.

The Wishes Pack includes the Key Pack, plus another option of a personal safe should you not want us to keep your keys. It also involves storage of detailed instructions on which to act upon when the licence holder dies. Our team will travel to the address provided and remove the guns, putting them in safe storage before acting out the deceased’s wishes - selling, putting out to auction, transferring to another certificate, or keeping them safe until a beneficiary comes of age. This package is bespoke according to the number of guns owned and the specific wishes of the client. Should the services cease to be required (e.g. the guns are sold) then part of the fee will be refunded.


Artisan Rifles also offer other services such as - gun storage, transport within the UK and have drivers who will take guns out to shoots. This can be a good option for people who shoot infrequently and either have nowhere to store their gun or don’t like having firearms in their house.


Our services for gun transport and storage can be discussed...

Our fully costed service packs are purchased as a one-off with
no annual fees or additional charges

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