Calculation Table

The "Wishes Pack" (includes the Key Pack service with the further option of a personal safe) is the storage of detailed instructions on which we act upon when it is identified to us that you are deceased. This package is unique to you according to the number of guns (items) owned and the specific wishes requested

To Calculate

Shotguns to the side Rifles along the top

Draw down from how many Rifles you have to the point of how many Shotguns you have the number is the sum plus an admin charge of £200

The £200 is a gross figure the net of that (£167) is for fuel and time to collect and secure the items where the Partner or Associate has 150miles to cover

This is a simple table that calculates the storage period (30days for a shotgun and 90days for a rifle) plus the transfer fee sum (transfer fee is £15 per/item) of each item stored at 30pence per/day

For Example

Yellow circle - Rifles x2, Shotguns x3, Totals £156 + £200 Totalling £356 inc VAT

Blue circle - Rifles x1, Shotguns x5, Totals £162 +

£200 Totalling £362 inc VAT 

Green circle - Rifles x, Shotguns x, Total £462 +

£200 Totalling £662 inc VAT

Black circle - Rifles x9, Shotguns x11, Totals £642 +

£200 Totalling £842in VAT

Gun Calculation_edited.jpg
Gun Calculated_edited.jpg