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Oliver Siddall

DIRECTOR - Business Manager, Commercial Trade Contact,

Deer Stalker, Arborist, Estate Owner, Formally of William Evans (Bisley) and Holland & Holland (Bruton Street), oh and the head of accounts

07584 62 48 80

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Kim Hubbard

DIRECTOR - Client Manager

ex UK military, UK trained and registered Deer Stalker, Estate Management Specialist, Businessman of many ventures Historic and Classic Car Restorer, War Birds Builder, Solution Architect, oh and the webmaster

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The Law on keys states 'No unauthorised persons', 'may know of the location of the cabinet keys'

Artisan Rifles are Authorised persons

for the sum of £30.00, you are sent our 'Key Pack'


You then send us a duplicate set of keys (or the combination lock code) so access to your cabinet can be gained, if you misplace your keys they can be returned to you or if a pre-identified person requests them (Authorised Persons) should you become incapacitated (the ultimate incapacitation being death)


Key Pack actioned... we will promptly post them in a secure personal safe, this is locked, on receipt call us and answer the security questions set with us and we will tell you or the authorised person the combination to access the keys - please return the box in the pre-paid envelope provided


The sum charged is for ONE action only. To continue the service you will be charged again

This pack is our answer to 'what happens to my gun's when I die?' it is our service to you post-death

For the sum of £200 plus the Gun Calculation

Gun Calculation is based on how many Shotguns and Rifles you have plus a £15 transfer fee on each item, we require 30days for a shotgun and 90days for a rifle to carry out our service charged at 30pence per/day storage covering the storage period required to transfer title

It is a fully costed service that includes collecting your items, placing them into storage and carrying out your instructions. Be that storage to transfer/agreed value sale or whatever has been agreed in your 'Letter of Wishes' which is part of the pack

Should it be chosen that we sell, we charge 10% on items under £600 and 15% on items over, payment is taken from the sale proceeds prior to the balance being paid as instructed, we will sell at Best Fair Value Price Available


Artisan Rifles become your Firearms Executors, working alongside your Will Executor or Estate Administrator 

All our locations are secure and inspected by the police. Each location has no access to the trade or public (we do not accept visits) 


The address advertised is our place of registration, the PO Box is our administration address


£45 administration (£15 transfer IN, £15 handling/administration, £15 transfer OUT) single item. (£30 each additional item)

60pence per item per/day paid in advance up to the 30th of that month then invoiced every 30 days for storage requested up to 90days (short term) 30pence per item per/day for items stored over 90days (long term)

The Burgundy Pack is our emergency pack to help your spouse and family in their own time to sort things out, unfortunately you have left them also with a bill from us however that is the least of their worries

This is where you have made no provision and left your spouse with it all to do in the condition of mourning, think of the stress, the inconvenience, not knowing where to start, what's in the cabinet, how do I get into the cabinet, am I breaking the law, is it dangerous, what's it all worth, what do I do with it, rage, panic, in a predicament, when you could have done something about it 

As it says on the tin? all the equipment that you have in addition to your guns, Scopes, Thermal imagers, Night vision, Binoculars, Bags/Coats/Breeches/Boots, it has all added up over the years

In addition you may have been involved in other county pursuits? 

We also can add to your estate value by correctly dealing with Fly Fishing and Course Fishing items, Falconry  equipment, etc - We have contacts to obtain the best prices for you

If it's to do with country pursuits we can handle it, what have you got? Air Rifles, Muzzle loaders, Deactivated item or the odd Military Tank

What happens to my Pack if you die Mr Artisan

Well, my Wishes Pack is simply bigger than yours. If it works for you, it will work for me

If I've paid for the service and you for some reason close your company before the action what happens

There are two payments identified, ‘Admin’ and ‘Cost’ 


Key Pack, £15 ‘Admin’ and ‘Cost’ (£15)


Wishes Pack, 'Admin' (£45) and 'Cost' (£155 plus Gun Calc) 


We take the Admin sum at the point of payment and the 'Cost' amount is placed into a Client Account which remains there until the action or we fail to supply the service.

'Fail to supply the Service' - You get your 'Cost' money back if you have outlived us


Sorry, No interest is earned by you on this account

Should you increase the number of items that a service is required against, you owe us money (alter your Pack with the alteration form) however if you reduce the amount of items, we owe you money (sum returned)

Our endorsement to you is by returning the full amount less a further admin charge of £55 of the sum held within our Client Account against your Pack should you carry out our service by yourself (effectively we have nothing to do so we give your money back)

Yes Money Back, We endorse Responsible Gun Ownership


As said we hold your money on account in a Client Account, this money is there then when we need it - via our alterations form you may alter the number of items held for action either in addition or subtraction? Meaning; if you reduce your items we owe you the amount held against those items if you add more you owe us, we pay out or you are invoiced accordingly


** if you adopt the sensible and responsible route ie as you reach a point in ownership or your recognise your demise and pass on your firearms thus have no items for us to carry out the action against (simply you have done our job) we, cancel our contract and give you your money back less a £55 admin fee **


To be clear you get £100 back from the Cost sum and all your Gun Calculation fee!